Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stray thoughts

Dogs cannot use condoms,” declares US celebrity Pamela Anderson. “but with municipality’s help, they can be ‘fixed,’ painlessly and permanently.” She has been in the forefront of a campaign against killing of stray dogs. Good intention, Pamela. Thanks to you and all animal rights activists.
I had personally seen the site run by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation where they put such dogs to sleep. It was pathetic. The sight of animals waiting to die can move you to tears, I swear.
Now, the other side of the story. I lived on a fifth floor flat, without elevator (How healthy!). One night, I was chased by a pack of dogs while returning after night duty. One particular dog chased me right up to the fourth floor. I literally ran, panting, and got my life back only when my wife opened the door. There are cases where two-wheeler riders got injured after running into mishaps, chased by dogs. And instances are there of babies being mauled.
The idea is to get the problem solved. Dogs should not be killed, but there is a need to protect human lives from harm. Do not forget, there are roughly around 70,000 stray dogs in Mumbai. Can municipalities, with all the bureaucracy involved, solve the issue that easily? Activists should now act to make the municipalities act, before the population of strays shoots up.


Vinisha said...

A Pamela Anderson picture with the huge title "Stray Thoughts" :P Very Very misleading, I say

I cannot really decide which side is right or rather which necessary. Killing the strays, sterilizing them. Part of me thinks humans are over populating this planet and bringing a heavy burden on its resources. We are a danger too. So how come it's morally wrong and totally offensive if we get sterilized too? I tell people, don't grow babies. Adopt, there are plenty of kids out there who need a family. They say "It's not our blood". In my head, I go Bloody Hell. It's your species.

I am not saying dogs are angels. They get out of control pretty often over the invasion of their territory. But what is the right stand really?

Saadia said...

I'm speechless.

Deepak Barua said...

Few years back, during one of my interview's group discussion they had given same topic "should sterlisation be made compulsory or not" that time also I spoke in against or it, but in dogs case also, I am not in the favor of merci killing. Today we will kill dogs, tomorrow they will say kill Cats and so on.... and one day they will say kill mens also, they reproduce too many kids...

But Vinisha rightly said... that pic of Pamela is really misleading..

R. Ramesh said...

respecting the views of vini and deepak the pamela pix is removed..thanks buddies..

Sai Charan said...

Dear Ramesh,

There are two categories in stray dogs - A. Deceased, B. Healthy.

A: Those which suffer from mental illness, diseases like rabies, etc should be killed on the spot, it is better instead of leaving the dog to helplessly suffer the torture of a slow painful death.

B: Now here is a two phase solution for the healthy ones:
1. Kill a certain number of dogs till the situation gets under control.
2. Now plan effective sterilization programs and order the municipal corporation to strictly follow them.

Then onwards, keep track and seriously monitor the stray dog population.

To Stray Dog Lovers:
If you really want the killing to be banned, then you should finance for a closed-park to keep these dogs. You should take the responsibility that no dog escapes out and by the way, don’t allow their ribs to be seen sticking out, feed them properly :)

Well, Ramesh Bhai, I still have much more to say, but due to space constraints, I need to take your leave.

Fida said...

I have no solution. I got a rabbis shot a few years back(I hear you laugh!).

humanobserver said...

Look who is more important to the planet dog or human being ? Human being then only dog...