Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Never give up

The global crunch is indeed giving a punch to Dubai and the job market is badly bruised.
Hit by this negative thought, I put on the Bond movie “For your eyes only.”
Believe me, one particular line boosted my spirit.
Goes like this. The hero and heroine are trapped. Seems like no way out. The heroine says: “I did not think it would end like this.”
And Roger Moore’s reply: “WE ARE NOT DEAD YET.”
Ooof, it literally shook me out of my negative thoughts. Never say die, until actually dead. Miles to go. And the weapon we will wield throughout is hard work and a smile, what say?


Naheed Zafar said...

Brilliant boss. And like a wiseman has said:
"The woods are lovely dark and deep
and I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep
and miles to go before I sleep."

Soul Searcher said...

Agree totally. Tough times do not last tough Journalists DO...

He he he

HAPPY PONGAL to You... I managed to get a veg fried rice for a Pongal Lunch. Hope you were well fed too.

Kadri said...

Negative thoughts often becomes self fulfilling prophesies. The things we think will be negative will also become negative, the things that we think is negative might not be as bad as we think, but we fail to see it and through that we make things worse.

The situation is what it is, how we treat the situation and what we do about it is up to us. I'd rather be happy and have hope than the other way around, life is not as bad as some people think.

Deepak Barua said...

very well said.

Vinisha said...

I almost went "Whee!" with this post.

I just don't understand why most people give up with one failure.

Always glad to see a fighter! :)

Aviral said...

I totally agree with kadri

Inspiration said...

Happy Days will be Back, just people would stand and fight against this crises. "Unity is strength" Lets stand and fight against it.

PS: I have my MBA exams coming in so would be busy for all this month and then would definitely will post a blog.. Thank You verr much for your regular visit.


Netra said...

Nice posting..!

Thanks for your good wishes on my NGO.. :)

Saadia said...

The message is good. But you look to Bond movies for inspiration? *tsk tsk* ;-)

humanobserver said...

"Never say die, until actually dead".

I agree...

Fighter Jet said...

yeah.Very true.