Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank you, Gulf News

The prestigious Gulf News in its Blogosphere: Dec. 9 (By Adam Flinter, Web Editor) column has quoted
“But it seems not everyone is happy to see the rain. Apart from people driving through the puddles, the global Madrasi blog ( complained he could not sleep during the rain. "Through my glass window not protected by curtains, lightning flashed on my eyes around midnight. The rumbling thunder made me uneasy. Winter has returned to Sharjah. But what made me roll around restlessly on the bed was the growling in my stomach. I had been trying out a new restaurant for the past two days, and it proved a costly experiment."
Ah! So it was food and not the rain that kept him awake!
As you were then. Everyone loves the rain (just as long as it isn't in Bush visit proportions).


nituscorner said...

I can't imagine thundering rains at this time of the year.....In Shillong we usually have it in the month of April-May....and then the usual rains in June onwards.....Actually thats by the book . Nature follows her own laws though.....So we usually carry an umbrella all the time.

Inspiration said...

Very nice! You are one Famour Personality i guess... Before i miss it.. Autograph Please!!!!!!

Kadri said...

Cool! =)

proudly indian said...

"it is not the bush visit propotions"!!! sir !! I realy feel that the Gulf News guys did a nasty job on that day using their whole front page!!!