Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A lesson for a scoundrel

A close friend of mine, a rather pretty Arab woman, was sitting in a Dubai-Abu Dhabi bus when she had a “crawling insect” sensation near her right shoulder. She tried to rub it off and got engrossed in her book.
In a couple of minutes, the same feeling recurred and she presumed a cockroach may be the villain. When she tried to rub her shoulder, she realized there was no cockroach, but it was a middle-aged man at the back seat who was the misbehaving scoundrel.
In an impulse, she got up, showered a few blows, spat at him and screamed: “Are you not born with a sister?”
The rogue obviously had not expected such a turn. He got up pleading with her “sorry sister,” before vanishing through the front door. The other passengers did try to hold him, but he made good his escape.
“I am proud of you,” was all I could tell my friend.


KK Moidu said...

All the ladies should react like your friend.This kind of things are increasing everyday.
Recently a rogue has showed sex organ to a women during her morning walk. Although she shouted at him and the people followed the culprit, but he vanished.
But people rarely report this kind of incidents to the police and it is one of the reason for increasing these kind of violence against women.

The Phoenix said...

Hey I am proud of your friend too. In fact one should make so much noise about these incidents that the culprit should feel ashamed.

Kadri said...

The sad thing is that such behavior is often compulsive and shame or being caught will not stop the person from doing it again. The inner need to break a taboo is greater than their will to behave properly.

Your friend did the right thing of course, but I can also bet you a sloth that the man will do it again to some other woman, and one day he might even do something worse.

Inspiration said...

Yes, Me too very proud of your friend. These things keep happening here and everywhere around the world.. Only thing one should do is react to such situations rather keep quite and bare such things.

Hats off to your friend,


nituscorner said...

Hats off to your friend. Thats the way all ladies should react to teach some slimy people a lesson.

Fida said...

Good for her. We need feisty woman stand up for themselves. And good for you that you retell the story here. Thank you. You would love Ugich Konitari’s post of today:


There are law and order machinery to look after such things. But when these agencies fail to do their work, the people have to take law in their hand.

I like the ladies taking bold steps.

Naval Langa

Komal-Nishka said...


This was a fun read :)

Interesting articles, will keep coming back to it..

Aviral said...

All women should react the way your friend did and the culprits should be humiliated in public so that they learn their lesson.

humanobserver said...

she did a nice job and you too by sharing this with us.....