Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The German connection

Famous blogger Fida was surprised when I used a German word. I love Germans. Tried to learn the language in Chennai's Max Mueller Bhavan two decades ago, but failed miserably. Had an opportunity to visit Hamburg as part of an international journalists team allowed to watch the World Cup Soccer match between Ukraine and Italy two years ago.
The entire city wore a festive look and it was a great time, which I
will never forget in my life. The way I made friends, especially with the pretty German girls, made some of my counterparts from Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India turn green with envy (joking dear). "Guten Morgan" was good enough to start a conversation. But once they started speaking in German, I fumbled and confessed I din't know the language. Of course, I always finished off with a smile and a "Vielen Danke." (Dunno whether spelt right!)
This particular fatty German girl at a railway station asked me to
click a photograph with her colleague. Their faces decorated with flag
paintings, the duo looked awesome. Back in Dubai, I did post the
photograph as requested by her to the address she mentioned, but till
today there has been no acknowledgement. Long live that pretty girl.
Four of us (we became great friends – thanks Paul, Anita, Venu - of
Australia, Malaysia, India) planned to take a train ride and decided
to go to the "Chocolate" city of Lubeck. Interestingly, I bumped on a
private museum run by a German gentleman with his Indian wife. She was kind enough to prepare some South Indian dish, (Dosa. Have you heard of it? May be I will ask my wife to post a recipe of this!!)
At the end of the journey, the handsome Australian editor-friend
commented jovially: "You are a funny guy."
"Fun-loving guy," I corrected.


Shrav said...

hey, which coll did you pass out from??

Gattina said...

If you love German girls you should have met me some 40 years ago, lol ! unfortunately I have a son and not a daughter ! Vielen Dank is right you only added an "e" too much.


I have read some of your posts. I would like to revisit the same.

If you like short stories and paintings, then a short visit to my blogs would be a good idea.

Naval Langa

Inspiration said...

Nicely Narrated.... and your blog seems to be very interested and cool.. Congratulations and keep up the good work.. My regards to your wife, son and daughter. Take care


PS: Thank You for visiting my Blog.

humanobserver said...

nostalgia....You must had a great time in Germany !

Fida said...

Oh oh, you are such a flirt :-) Danke für das Compliment!

I LOVE Masala Dosa - I could eat that every day. Maybe your wife can give away her secret on how NOT to mess up the batter. I never manage to keep it in one piece; in fact, I always end up with several pieces of pancakes in the pan - if you know what I mean.

Vielen Dank in advance, und Danke for your piece on Germany. (Did I mess with you now! – ahh, German is such a confusing language, eh?)

Ragavan said...

you are right.Maxmuller Bhavan created many talented people for working in German soil.Good piece.

Maria said...

Nice story! Made mesmile! Danke!
Have a nice weekend!