Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 films and lost sleep

Being a journalist has its fringe benefits. Watched two films yesterday screened as part of the Dubai International Film Festival at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. “The Wrestler,” starring Mickey Rourke, was quite good. The story about a professional wrestler Randy and the struggles and trauma he faces. He suffers a heart attack after a show and is forced to work in a grocery to pay bills. His estranged daughter refuses to accept him. His stripper girl friend plays truant. The doctor warns him against ever thinking to wrestling again. But at the last scene…now you watch the movie lest I take away the suspense. Mickey does his role quite well, and some scenes in the film were not for innocent teens like me (Though I enjoyed it, don’t tell anyone).
So after the movie, we rushed to the food court, gulped a “biryani” and returned to “watched” the next movie called “Appaloosa.”
This film starring Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen is about two law-enforcers in a western town dominated by rancher Bragg (Jeremy Irons). The rural setting had a cowboy shade. Believe what I say. The stupid audience did not allow me to take a nap as most of them were snoring loudly.


Anonymous said...

Good Ramesh
Next time when you go to watch movie don't Forget to carry cotton to have sound sleep.
I appreciate you for being so quick in posting you comments.

Keep it up!

Maria said...

Thanks for your visit on my blog! The coloured cabbage is just a kind of new flower. I was very surprised when I saw it for the first time, but as you see, it looks a little like roses.
The Wrestler seems to be a rather good nostalgic film, and Mickey Rourke is doing well as main character. I remember a film with Clint Eastwood where he is the boxing trainer of a young girl who ends up comatous - no, thanks! :)
Let's keep in touch!

MumbaiiteAnu said...

The Dubai Film Festival sounds interesting. I love watching movies but the biryani part is the most tempting :-)

Fida said...

Now, you made me curious. I didn't intend to watch The Wrestler (can you tell am not a wrestling fan?) - but the way you describe it, it sonds quite interesting. It seems to be more about "real life" and the turns it can take. Tks for sharing.

Inspiration said...

Ha Ha Ha :) Dont have anything to say just with a Big Smile!!! Good Good.

I Am: Anna Lovely Day said...

I loved Mickey Rourke in Barfly and I've been wanting to see him in a starring role again. Thanks for the brief review and the photo. Eye Candy for me. Yeah, I've got unusual tastes.
Appaloosa's cast sounds great too.
I will check these two out. Think they are on Netflix's yet?
We've had rain all day today and I love it! Even with the leaks in our apartment. We're out of this place in two weeks.

humanobserver said...

Mickey Rourke...He deserves an oscar for this movie....what a guy ! had not been into drugs and alcohol in the 80s, I am damn sure he would have been the hottest guy on the earth. I am yet to watch 'the wrestler'. Have seen only promos...

tantra flower said...

Hi Ramesh.

Great post. After reading so many good reviews, I'm looking forward to seeing The Wrestler for myself. I've enjoyed your blog this morning and will definitely be back. Peace.