Monday, December 1, 2008

Praying for peace

The Mumbai wound is deep this time and hence taking time to heal. But heal it will. And that's for sure.Mumbai is a city of love and affection where visitors are treated as "devas" (godly). It makes me sad that tourists, besides the local people, fell to the bullets of evil-doers. "Can't superpower-aspirant India handle a dirty dozen?" is the question posed by some people to me on the streets. I have no answer for now. Let the stupid politicians finish talking. Time will answer this question. But about one thing I am thoroughly convinced: Never in history has evil won over goodness.


nituscorner said...

You are right....the wound will heal but the scars would remain for ever. yes evil has never won over goodness....only we Humans have lost our patience when we see what goes on around us....what can we do about it.... is the question i often ask my self???

Kadri said...

I doubt that any nation can handle "a dirty dozen. It's the nature of terror that makes it so hard to find and stop before something happens and there is also the fact that every time you make something safe it will not stay safe for long because the terrorist will find a way around it.