Friday, November 7, 2008

Tough going? Get tough

Global-Madrasi is a die-hard optimist. But some of today's headlines in the newspaper put him on an introspection mode about the global economy.
The headlines:
* Global stocks nosedive
* Crude falls to $63
* Henkel cuts profit forecast
* Totota slashes profit
* Singapore Air net income falls
* Cisco sales growth slowest
This, a day after Obama elected as the US president.
Hardly consoling. Is anybody arguing there is no recession?
Think again.
But never give up hope.
What say?


MumbaiiteAnu said...

Hi Ramesh, thank you for visiting MDS and your encouraging comments. I am a two year old (amateur) photographer and am glad that you enjoyed my photoblog.
My writing is not very good but I try to express myself with my photos and some write up.
You have a great blog here.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I think its very immature of you to refer to yourself in the third person. You are an old geezer are you not?

humanobserver said...

We can only analyse, nothing else.....

Kadri said...

The "market" is a problem that we can't get away from, unfortunately. The "market" is panicky, moody and most often not even close to realistic and it causes problems where there are none. Why we let it become the monster that it is today is unclear to me, but I know we are damned with it and we are damned without it.

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