Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catch him if you can

That unwanted guest – rather pest – was back in my house last week. And this time he was hiding behind the washing machine at the wash room.
The moment I switched on the light, the mouse dashed at lightening speed towards the bed room. The immediate impulse was to pick up the nearest stick and give a chase and that’s precisely what I tried to do. Unfortunately, I did not notice the washing machine wires creeping along the way. And there I was, down with a bang and on all fours.
By the time I composed myself and got ready for the next phase of action, the heartless creature had moved into the kitchen. Not the one to give up that easily, I followed
the four-legged nuisance. We were face-to-face for a split second and then he was gone. Almost two hours of search proved futile. I ignored advices to approach the municipality for a pest control tablet thinking he was gone for good. Lo and behold! I spotted him again the next day. And the same chase drama and the vanishing trick continued.
“You grumble that you are living alone after your family moved back to your home country. Allow the guest to stay for a while. Good company,” joked a colleague.
“Well, he can stay at least until I spot him next time.”

R. Ramesh
Sept.7, 2008

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raghib said...

Hi Ramesh,
I appreciate you for taking time to share your personal experience with the world through this medium.
I liked the articles posted on it.It is really interesting and enriching.
I did not like the colour of the page, colour shows that you are a person who avoid major changes in life and prefer to remain the same throught the life.
But, sir change is required to be a very successful in life.
I would be very happy if you can modify the colour of your page.

Rest is amazing!Trust me.